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Printed Stand Up Pouches / Bags for Snack /beef Jerky/popcorn/beans
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Beef Jerky packaging bags

Our flexible packaging bags for beef jerky that will fit your every need. Each beef jerky bag we produce uses multiple layers of barrier film that have been laminated together. 

Beef jerky bags typically come in the form of flat barrier bags. There are stand up beef jerky bags, but these are for much larger quantities than what are typically sold in one bag. Because of this, we offer beef jerky bags that come with a special hang hole so they can be hung around stores. It is our goal to provide meat packaging bags that do exactly what you need of them.

We utilize the best technology to keep your jerky fresh and savory. We offer the option of vacuum sealing your beef jerky bags so air stuck in the pouches doesn't harm the product. We use a nitrogen flush system to push out extra oxygen trapped in the bag and further preserve the jerky. Unlike other companies, we test all of the products we use regularly so the nitrogen involved in this process will be top notch. In addition to these precautions to avoid stale jerky, we use desiccants to keep your jerky from retaining moisture. This, along with our thick packaging, reduces the chance of your jerky becoming moldy.

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